It is said that Hostile Aggressive Parenting also commonly known as Parental Alienation is a set of behaviors that are detrimental to a child’s mental and emotional well-being, and has the potential to interfere with a relationship of a child and their parent or even grandparent.

These behaviors whether verbal or non-verbal, cause a child to be mentally manipulated (basically brainwashed) or bullied into believing a loving parent/grandparent is the cause of all problems, and/or the enemy to be feared, corruptly used, hated, and/or avoided. The child is given one common goal – to disrespect the parent/grandparent.

Parental Alienation serves to deprive children of their right to be loved by and showing love for both/all parents/grandparents. The destructive actions by an alienating parent/grandparent or other third person (like another family member, or even a well meaning mental health care worker) becomes abusive to the child – as the alienating behaviors are disturbing, confusing and often frightening to the child, and can rob the child of their sense of security and safety leading to maladaptive emotional or psychiatric reactions. It also robs the parent/grandparents of their dignity and rights forcing them to make decisions that they would never have anticipated for their child/grandchild in order to keep the peace and not cause such harmful experiences for the child/grandchild.

Most people do not know about Parental Alienation and Hostile Aggressive Parenting until they experience it. Most often this type of behavior is targeted against men.  However, I have experienced it; and I know that more and more women and grandparents are experiencing it.

My purpose for this blog is to share my experiences, give my advice (for whatever it’s worth), and encourage everyone to mindful of how adult situations affect the heart, mind, and souls of children that deserve to be loved by and shown love for everyone they are connected to.

I know this blog will not be the easiest thing I have ever experienced and hope that everyone will be kind and supporting of one another along this difficult road of Parental Alienation.

We are 1 Voice, each from our prism of our own unique life experience, (Love the way you stated that Alan Earnest) and it is what we do and say that is passed on to our little ones.